AboutHistorical Horse Racing

Pioneered by AmTote International Inc. and Oaklawn Park, a thoroughbred race track in Hot Springs, Arkansas, pari-mutuel historical horse racing games have been popular with audiences for over 17 years, with recent growth propelled by the advent of new technologies and resulting trends. 

Racing content is owned by the track where the race took place, enabling tracks to then monetize this content and data via technologies like the ones originally developed by AmTote International in 1938 for live racing and then in 2000 for historical racing. Wagering on historical horse racing using the PariMax technology is legal in any jurisdiction that defines simulcast wagering to include previously run contest because the PariMax technology is 100% pari-mutuel and complies with all ARCI rules and regulations. 


April 19, 2017

PariMAX Unveils its Company Website

PariMAX, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Stronach Group, announces its company website today. Along with the site, PariMAX has also launched new social media channels to connect with horse racing fans around the world and support the promotion of the industry. Read More

April 19, 2017

PariMAX Passes the $4 Billion Mark in Total Handle

AmTote's historical horse racing brand PariMAX, has surpassed the $4 billion-dollar mark in total dollars of handle wagered since the introduction of historical horse racing in January of 2000. Read More

April 12, 2017

The Stronach Group Purchases RaceTech

The Stronach Group has purchased the original historical racing company, RaceTech, which first offered its Instant Racing games in 2000 at Oaklawn Park. Read More