Is PariMAX a Video Lottery Terminal or Slot Machine?

No. PariMAX is a fully pari-mutuel wagering machine that allows players to place wagers on historical horse races and the option to experience a graphical enhanced display of the outcome of those wagers in a format similar to other electronic gaming machines. The outcomes of all wagers are solely determined by the outcome of the common pari-mutuel wagers placed on the historical horse races.

Do the reels or other graphical animations determine how much I win?

No. The graphical animations and sounds simply communicate the outcome of the underlying historical races. Just like in live racing, only the outcome of the underlying pari-mutuel wagers determines how much a player wins. PariMAX only wagers into pari-mutuel pools that are commonly available in live racing.

How is PariMax different than live horse racing?

PariMax is incredibly similar to live horse racing with the primary distinction being that the player wagers on historical races instead of live races. Here are some of the similarities:

Both use live racing and PariMAX price using the Association of Racing Commissioners International's rule ARCI-004-105 Calculation Of Payouts And Distribution Of Pools.

PariMAX uses a subset of the common live racing pari-mutuel pools: Win, Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta and Pick-N pools.

Players can handicap using complete past performance data, morning-line odds, and other related handicapping features.

Players can watch all the races, or skip to the results.

Players can skip races they do not wish to wager on.

How can I watch the races?

There are several ways to watch the races:

1.    The last four seconds of every race are shown either on the bottom display or at the top of the screen.
2.    The last four seconds and complete race videos for the previous wager can be watched at any time from the help screen.
3.    A player may choose to watch the final four seconds or the complete video on the main screen before the results of the wagers are revealed. These play settings can be changed by touching the “i” icon on the dashboard.

How do I win?

Just like in live racing, a player wins by picking the correct runners for the races contributing to the games underlying wagers. A player may make these picks manually, or rely on the morning-line or final odds for automated picks. The handicapping settings can be changed by touching the “I” icon on the dashboard.

Can I handicap?

Yes. A player can handicap every running position used in the underlying pari-mutuel wagers. When handicapping, a player has access to the complete past-performance data except for information that would easily allow them to identify the race (such as horse names). Alternatively, the player can choose to not handicap and have the runners chosen for them based on the race’s morning-line or other criteria.  The handicapping settings can be changed by touching the “I” icon on the dashboard.

How many races do I wager on per play?

It all depends on the game. Each game is designed around an underlying set of races per play (race card). Each play will have a different set of races, but the number of races and pools available are constant per game. Currently, we offer games with 4 - 12 races per play.

How do I qualify for a bonus?

Just like the main game, the bonus game is just a graphical representation of the underlying pari-mutuel wagers. For games with “one or more bonuses” the pari-mutuel wagers per play may be communicated to the player in stages (a bonus). A player qualifies to see the bonus feature when they win at least one of the underlying wagers associated with the bonus. For most games, bonuses are associated with a set of pick-n pools. In summary, a bonus feature is simply a stage in the graphically enhanced communications of the underlying races and wager outcomes.

Can I just handicap and watch the races without any music or graphical animations?

Yes. A player does not have to experience the graphically enhanced interface. Instead, a player may simply place the wagers and view the results and race videos. This is called the “Traditional Wagering Interface.” It can be accessed by touching the “i” icon on the dashboard.

Do I have to handicap the races?

No. A player may choose to handicap the races or have runners automatically chosen for them based on the morning-line or other criteria of a race.

How do I see the results of the horse races?

The results of the underlying races can be viewed in several ways. A simple grid of the race-results can be accessed by touching the “i” or results icons on the dashboard.

The player may also choose to watch the race videos from the help screen.

Finally, the graphically enhanced interface communicates the outcome of the races to the player, including the chosen runners, winning runners and pools won.

Is PariMAX pari-mutuel?

PariMax is 100% pari-mutuel. In order for a wager to be pari-mutuel it must be solely determined by the outcome of pari-mutuelly recognized events and the pool must be priced and paid out following the standard pari-mutuel pricing calculations. PariMAX meets these requirements by only using thoroughbred horse races and following the exact same pricing rules as live thoroughbred horse-racing. Furthermore, only the common live-racing pools are used in PariMAX.

What Association of Racing Commissioners International Rule does PariMAX follow?

PariMAX does not require any special ARCI rules. Instead, it uses the standard live-racing pricing rules covered under ARCI rule ARCI-004-105 Calculation Of Payouts And Distribution Of Pools.